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“Twitch Streamer Kai Cenat Arrested in NYC Giveaway Riot”

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Twitch Streamer Kai Cenat Arrested in NYC Giveaway Riot

Twitch Influencer Kai Cenat Arrested for Inciting Riot During Unsanctioned NYC Giveaway Chaos at Union Square Park

New York City, – Popular Twitch and YouTube streamer, Kai Cenat, found himself in hot water after an unauthorized giveaway event at Union Square Park turned into a riot on Friday. The 21-year-old social media influencer was charged with inciting to riot, riot, and unlawful assembly by the NYPD.

The trouble began when Cenat, known for his video game live streams, announced the extravagant giveaway on his Twitch channel, promising gaming consoles, PCs, keyboards, gaming chairs, headphones, and other enticing prizes. The video quickly garnered over 2 million views, resulting in an overwhelming turnout of mostly young people at the park.

The event was scheduled to kick off at 4 p.m., but by 3 p.m., the park was already filled to the brim. New York City Police Chief Jeffrey Maddrey confirmed that the event lacked the necessary permits and city sanctioning. Concerns about public safety prompted officials to remove Cenat from the area for his own protection.

However, the situation escalated quickly as chaos erupted when some attendees began throwing bottles, fireworks, rocks, and paint cans they had taken from a nearby construction site. In the turmoil, three police officers were injured, with one sergeant sustaining a broken hand. The officers found themselves surrounded by the unruly crowd and became targets of the thrown objects.

Amid the bedlam, 65 individuals were arrested, including 30 juveniles. Maddrey recounted the harrowing experience, revealing that he was personally struck by multiple objects during the confrontation. He described witnessing panic attacks and anxiety among young participants who were present during the tumultuous event.

Aerial footage captured hundreds of people gathering at Union Square Park, with skirmishes breaking out and individuals standing on cars. The situation intensified as both plainclothes and uniformed officers worked to contain the crowd. The situation reached a boiling point when a loud bang was heard.

By 5:30 p.m., police began clearing the area and blocking entrances to restore order. Despite the mayhem, some teens remained undeterred, claiming they had come for the “vibes” and to catch a glimpse of Cenat, whom they idolized as the “best person in the world.” Nonetheless, they admitted witnessing pushing, crowding, and even a child nearly passing out amidst the chaotic scene.

Kai Cenat has been a content creator for years, gaining fame for his gaming streams, pranks, and comedic reactions on Twitch. He previously made headlines in March when he set a record for the most active subscribers on the platform after completing a 30-day uninterrupted livestream, or subathon.

However, Cenat’s online antics have also brought him trouble, resulting in temporary bans on Twitch on five separate occasions. With his recent arrest and pending court appearance due to the alleged incitement of the riot, his controversial reputation within the online community remains a topic of debate.

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