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Tragic Incident: Helicopter Crash near Mount Everest Claims Six Lives in Nepal

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After completing a sightseeing tour near Mount Everest, six individuals tragically lost their lives in a helicopter crash.

On Tuesday morning, near Likhu, just north of Nepal’s capital Kathmandu, a helicopter crashed, resulting in the tragic deaths of five Mexican tourists and their Nepalese pilot, as confirmed by Kathmandu airport official Teknath Sitoula.

Authorities have already recovered the victims, and the helicopter involved in the accident was operated by Manang Air. The company is known for conducting tourist flights, search and rescue operations, and expedition flights to Everest.

According to a spokesperson from Manang Air, the helicopter took off in favorable weather conditions. However, the exact cause of the crash remains unknown and requires further investigation.Another airport official, Sagar Kadel, mentioned that adverse weather conditions had compelled the helicopter to alter its intended route.

Due to the onset of the monsoon season, which brings about poor visibility and unpredictable conditions, tourist flights are relatively uncommon during this period. Nepal’s mountainous terrain poses significant challenges for flying, and the country has a history of air crashes.

Notably, Nepal experienced its most severe air crash in three decades back in January, resulting in the tragic loss of 71 lives near the tourist city of Pokhara. According to information available on its Facebook page, Manang Air operates two Airbus AS 350 B3e aircraft.

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