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Strike Concerns Push Back Release of Muhammad Ali Jr. Movie to 2024

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Rhode Island-Based Production Company Halts Muhammad Ali Jr. Biopic Pre-production Amid Impending SAG Strike !

Verdi Productions, a production company based in Rhode Island, has made the decision to pause pre-production activities for their upcoming feature film, a biopic centered around Muhammad Ali Jr. This exclusive information was revealed by producer Chad A. Verdi, known for his work on “Bleed For This.” The independent movie, with a cast already attached, was originally scheduled to commence principal photography on September 1 in Rhode Island. However, due to the looming SAG strike, the project has been rescheduled for a late 2024 start. The film will be directed by Tom DeNucci.

The biopic aims to chronicle the life of Ali Jr., who has grappled with the challenges of living under the shadow of his legendary father. The narrative will delve into themes such as bullying, abandonment, drug addiction, and family issues that Ali Jr. has faced throughout his journey. In more recent times, Ali Jr. has discovered inner peace, reconciled with his past relationship, forged a stronger connection with his father’s legacy, and embraced his role as a parent to his own children.

Verdi has recently completed a documentary on the same topic, showcasing his latest production.

Chad A. Verdi expressed his support for SAG’s final decision, emphasizing the importance of postponing the film due to the ongoing WGA strike and the potential SAG strike in the near future. He looks forward to pursuing the project once the dust has settled in 2024, hoping that both unions reach a satisfactory agreement.

The renowned Verdi Productions has successfully concluded the filming of their latest movie, “Chosen Family,” featuring acclaimed actors Heather Graham, Julia Stiles, and Thomas Lennon. Notable releases from the production company include “Savage Salvation” starring Robert DeNiro, John Malkovich, and Jack Huston, as well as “Johnny & Clyde,” featuring Megan Fox, Tyson Ritter, Avan Jogia, and Ajani Russell. Keep an eye out for their upcoming documentary “Superpower,” directed by Sean Penn and focused on Ukraine.

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