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“Stormy Weather Update: Impactful Days Forecasted for Alabama with Continued Thunderstorms”

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Alabama stormy weather forecast

“Stormy Week Ahead: Impact Days Forecasted for Alabama with Unsettled Weather”

As Alabamians grapple with the aftermath of severe weather that swept across the state on Monday, meteorologists at WVTM 13 are predicting a continuation of stormy conditions over the next few days. Both Tuesday and Wednesday have been marked as Impact Days, indicating potential disruptions to daily routines due to changing weather patterns. While not necessarily life-threatening, these storms could still pack a punch with their intensity.

Tuesday’s Impact Day Forecast:

On Tuesday, WVTM 13 meteorologists have designated it as an Impact Day, signaling the likelihood of weather impacting plans without posing extreme danger. The storm development is expected to begin to the west early in the morning, advancing eastward into Alabama from Mississippi before noon, between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. The primary risk zone for Tuesday’s storms lies mainly near and south of Interstate 20, with a focus on areas spanning from Birmingham to Tuscaloosa and further south in the afternoon. While the risk is relatively lower, these storms might carry 40-60 mph wind gusts, heavy rainfall, intense lightning, and small hail. Residents are advised to remain cautious and limit outdoor exposure during storm passage.

Wednesday’s Impact Day Outlook:

The stormy trend continues into Wednesday, marked as another Impact Day by WVTM 13 meteorologists. Similar to Tuesday, this designation indicates the potential for weather changes affecting daily plans, though not reaching life-threatening levels. A new wave of thunderstorms is predicted to develop northwest of Alabama early in the day, moving southeastward across the state through the early afternoon. These storms might achieve brief severity with wind gusts exceeding 60 mph, small hail, intense lightning, and heavy rainfall, typical of such weather events. The storms could offer some relief from the heat, as temperatures are expected to be in the upper 80s ahead of their arrival, accompanied by more cloud cover than sunshine.

Rest of the Week and Beyond:

The stormy pattern is projected to persist throughout the week, with no single day offering completely dry conditions for the entire area. However, some regions could experience 2-3 days of rain-free weather followed by consecutive rainy days. This pattern is likely to continue until mid-August, after which the latter half of the month is anticipated to be drier and hotter.

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