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Paris Jackson Responds Firmly to ‘Abuse’ from Michael Jackson Superfans on King of Pop’s Birthday

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Michael Jackson Superfans on King of Pop's Birthday

The 65th birthday of the iconic King of Pop, Michael Jackson, was celebrated by his children, namely Paris Jackson, Prince Jackson, and Blanket Jackson. Paris Jackson, 25, took to Instagram on her father’s birthday to reveal a lesser-known fact – Michael Jackson disliked any recognition on his special day during his lifetime.

In an Instagram video, Paris Jackson explained, “Today marks my dad’s birthday, and interestingly, he used to detest any form of birthday acknowledgment. Wishes, celebrations – he didn’t prefer any of it.” She further revealed the challenges she has faced due to fervent Michael Jackson superfans who criticized her for not frequently featuring her father on social media platforms. In a sarcastic tone, she highlighted, “Some fans go so far as to insinuate that my love for him is lacking if I don’t make posts about his birthday

Paris Jackson expressed her frustrations with these fans, recounting instances where not posting for her dad’s birthday led to intense backlash, including messages suggesting self-harm. She emphasized, “It’s bewildering how my love for my own father is being measured by my Instagram posts.”

Michael Jackson Superfans on King of Pop's Birthday

To counter the negativity, Paris Jackson shared a segment from her show at the Amphitheater at Las Colonias Park in Colorado, where she was an opening act for the band Incubus. During the performance, she paid tribute to her father’s dedication, saying, “He poured five decades of hard work, determination, love, and passion into his craft, enabling me to stand on this stage, in front of all of you, and unleash my voice through a microphone.”

Stressing her deep appreciation, she added, “My gratitude knows no bounds.” The 25-year-old entertainer used her platform to caution Jackson fans against perpetuating harmful behavior. In a comment, she addressed the issue directly, stating, “Please refrain from using a man you’ve never met as a pretext to mistreat, control, and torment his daughter – someone you’ve also never met.” This message was accompanied by her heartfelt post.

Meanwhile, as Paris Jackson continues her active touring schedule, her brothers, Prince Jackson and Blanket Jackson, made a rare appearance in Las Vegas. The occasion was a birthday celebration for the legendary “Thriller” artist.

Paris Jackson’s candid response to the undue criticism she faced over her approach to celebrating her father’s birthday emphasizes her love and admiration for Michael Jackson. Through her words and actions, she reinforces the significance of appreciating his legacy without resorting to harmful behavior.

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